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Devolver Digital

34 game titles tracked for this developer/publisher

Combined, this studio is trending downwards (-50.76 since last update).

The displayed score of 43.44 is the average GameReach for all the titles published under this name in the database.

The header shown, is from the highest scoring game on the list (if available).


Titles Ordered by GameReach

#TitleDate publishedGameReach+/-
1Disc RoomOct 22, 202090.403.83
2OlijaJan 28, 202176.190.40
3Loop HeroMar 4, 202168.27-2.43
4SCUMAug 29, 201864.205.05
5Enter the GungeonApr 5, 201663.030.72
6ReignsAug 11, 201657.745.32
7GrisDec 13, 201854.94-1.86
8Hotline MiamiUnknown51.98-3.05
9ObservationMay 21, 202051.54-0.14
10Crossing SoulsFeb 13, 201848.930.24
11katana zeroApr 18, 201948.73-2.45
12Heave HoAug 29, 201948.22-1.73
13CarrionJul 23, 202047.17-1.13
14BroforceOct 15, 201543.11-3.14
15The Talos PrincipleDec 11, 201442.85-3.12
16My Friend PedroJun 20, 201940.69-3.01
17GornJul 18, 201939.86-0.09
18The Red Strings ClubJan 22, 201839.86-2.82
19MinitApr 3, 201839.62-2.48
20BlightboundJul 29, 202037.692.16
21Gods Will Be WatchingUnknown37.49-0.88
23RagnoriumSep 16, 202034.860.63
24LuftrausersMar 18, 201433.78-3.20
25Fall Guys: Ultimate KnockoutAug 3, 202033.33-3.49
26Genital JoustingJan 18, 201833.15-3.70
27Titan SoulsApr 14, 201532.61-2.96
28OlliOlliJul 22, 201430.87-1.39
29Mother Russia BleedsUnknown30.61-3.01
30AbsolverAug 29, 201729.40-2.00
31DownwellOct 15, 201528.59-12.99
32Sub RosaMar 25, 202126.91-1.28
33WitcheyeAug 27, 202023.38-1.70
34Sludge Life11.50-1.16

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