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40 game titles tracked for this developer/publisher

Overall, this studio is trending upwards (+26.01 since last update). Titles added in the most recent database update are marked with a star. These are not counted towards the overall trend, since they have no score history.

The displayed score of 37.16 is the average GameReach for all the titles published under this name in the database.

The header shown, is from the highest scoring game on the list (if available).


Titles Ordered by GameReach

#TitleDate publishedGameReach+/-
3SpellbreakDec 15, 202085.902.48
4CelesteJan 25, 201883.882.42
5BraidApr 10, 200975.440.77
6FirewatchFeb 9, 201657.330.62
7What the Golf?Oct 22, 202056.73-2.26
8The WitnessJan 26, 201655.96-0.18
9UNTITLED GOOSE GAMESep 23, 202055.220.10
10Rogue State RevolutionMar 18, 202151.8415.41
12The Stanley ParableOct 17, 201346.01-2.34
13ProdeusNov 9, 202045.211.06
14FoxholeJul 27, 201738.980.99
15Star RenegadesSep 8, 202038.31-2.34
16Mad FatherSep 22, 201637.013.29
17What's Left BehindJan 15, 202135.121.00
18Dungeon No DungeonMar 6, 202131.191.42
19CraftopiaSep 4, 202028.81-0.74
20Path of GiantsFeb 14, 202028.35-1.34
21NeoverseFeb 18, 202027.58-0.75
22MythgardSep 18, 202027.49-0.16
23QuiplashJun 30, 201527.13-1.09
24Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition26.720.84
25Garden PawsDec 18, 201825.09-1.09
26Stone Story RPGAug 8, 201924.69-1.48
27My Singing MonstersMar 24, 202124.46-1.64
28Jurassic AttackMar 27, 202122.00-1.90
29STRAY KITTENFeb 19, 202121.52-2.59
30NGU IndustriesApr 5, 202121.44-2.06
31SaltoMar 18, 202120.53-1.17
32Nine ParchmentsDec 5, 201720.40-1.19
33Phoenix Point: Year One EditionDec 3, 202018.01-1.26
34Incremental Epic HeroFeb 22, 202116.82-1.25
35Drifters Loot the GalaxyApr 15, 202115.16
36Battleship ApolloFeb 22, 202113.65-0.81
37Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander11.59-1.48
38Academia: School Simulator10.890.00
39ExophobiaOctober 20212.550.35
40RefactorWinter 20211.310.07

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