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Square Enix

32 game titles tracked for this developer/publisher

This studio is trending neither up or down since the most recent update.

The displayed score of 14.39 is the average GameReach for all the titles published under this name in the database.

The header shown, is from the highest scoring game on the list (if available).


Titles Ordered by GameReach

#TitleDate publishedGameReach+/-
1Final Fantasy XIV OnlineUnknown69.32-3.54
2Marvel's Guardians of the GalaxyOct 26, 202134.95-0.17
3FINAL FANTASY IXUnknown24.84-0.06
4SaGa Frontier RemasteredApr 15, 202124.330.02
5Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac AgeFeb 1, 201822.37-0.3
6Final Fantasy XIV: EndwalkerUnknown20.980.23
7Trials of ManaApr 24, 202019.57-0.01
8Final Fantasy IIIJul 28, 202119.11-0.18
9Babylon's FallUnknown17.6517.65
10Octopath TravelerJun 7, 201917.56-0.02
11NieR: AutomataUnknown17.34-4.03
13Life is Strange: True ColorsUnknown16.980.17
14Final Fantasy V Pixel RemasterUnknown16.550.02
15Tomb Raider: LegendUnknown16.25-0.01
16Final Fantasy VII Remake IntergradeUnknown15.89-0.21
17ActRaiser RenaissanceSep 23, 202114.83-0.58
18Deus Ex: Mankind DividedUnknown13.74-0.23
19NEO: The World Ends With YouUnknown13.52-0.84
21The Turing TestAug 30, 201612.50-0.09
22Balan WonderworldMar 26, 20215.93-0.11
23NIER REPLICANT VER.1.22474487139...Unknown4.52-0.06
24Circuit SuperstarsOct 12, 20213.35-0.1
25Chrono TriggerUnknown1.82-0.13
26Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon RoarsOct 28, 20211.54-0.05
27Dungeon EncountersOct 14, 20211.36-0.03
28Legend of ManaJun 24, 20211.33-0.85
29BoundlessSep 11, 20180.82-0.32
30Babylon’s FallUnknown0.75-8.53
31Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy LegendUnknown0.050.05
32Tomb Raider: Game of the Year EditionUnknown0.010.01

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