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0 is the average GameReach for all the titles shown below.

The header shown, is from the highest scoring game of the ones displayed (if available).


Titles Ordered by GameReach

#TitleDate publishedGameReach+/-
2061Eternal Return: Black SurvivalUnknown0.000.00
2062Fate of KaiMar 19, 20210.000.00
2063Kyvir: RebirthJan 31, 20210.000.00
2064Chang'an: The Capital of Tang DynastyUnknown0.000.00
2065Last Kingdom - The Card GameFeb 14, 20210.000.00
2066Detective PuzMay 14, 20210.000.00
2067Sand: A Superfluous GameUnknown0.000.00
2068SaltoMar 18, 20210.00-0.57
2069Dobo's HeroesMay 14, 20210.000.00
2070Lost Grimoires: Stolen KingdomNov 10, 20160.000.00
2071Geometric Sniper - Blood in ParisMay 12, 20210.000.00
2072Mystery of Camp EnigmaMay 14, 20210.00-0.30
2073Magic LighthouseMay 15, 20210.000.00
2074Rogue SentryApr 15, 20210.00-7.56
2075Mini CraftyMay 13, 20210.000.00
2076Virtual CottageOct 7, 20200.00-22.17
2077MagniboxMar 26, 20190.00-5.97
2078Sokocat - IslandsMay 14, 20210.000.00
2080Super Swarm SmashMay 14, 20210.000.00

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