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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find answers to some of the most often repeated questions about GameReach. If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Reach out via email to contact@gamereach.io.


What data points are used to determine the GameReach score of a game title?

The list is still growing, but data such as a average play time and Reddit mentions is mixed with Twitch viewership, online comments, and reviews (both pro and from fans) and all of this is weighted into groups based on the source of the data, until a final score is distilled. The personal taste of the site owner or any professional affiliation is not considered in the calculation of a score - only the data!

Are the scores permanent, or do they change?

They change! The data collected is updated all the time, and as sources change, so will the score of a title. If a title has a huge surge of popularity among streamers, the score will go up a lot - but as other titles become more popular later on, that will be reflected as well.

What are Insights?

Where applicable, a title page will display a number of badges. Each one bears the logo of a platform or service, where the fans are engaging with that game. The colors red, yellow and green indicate how popular the game is (red is not a negative result, it just means only a little bit of activity was recorded - which is still better than none). A game title with no insights is often still unreleased, and the developers haven’t started marketing the title much yet.

Will being listed in multiple stores affect the score of a game?

Not the listing itself. Simply having your game for sale on Steam, Itch or other stores does not add to the score. However, if your audience is engaging with the game a lot through that store - such as community discussions - that may impact the score.

How can a game score points where it’s not listed?

You might see a game with an Insight badge, indicating engagement on a platform where the game isn’t listed. For example, a Steam exclusive title may still sport an itch.io badge on its profile. This happens when that title is being referenced on the other platform, in forum threads, reviews, etc.

Who owns and operates GameReach.io?

GameReach.io is the brain child of game industry veteran, Rasmus Rasmussen. He has a background working at Microsoft and Valve Software, and has published several small indie titles as well. His latest game project is called Above the Fold, and is a newspaper simulation game. GameReach.io was created out of a passion for video games, and a love of messing with data.

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