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Games people love

Measuring engagement in video games

GameReach.io measures how much the fans love a given game title - even before launch! Not the just critics or collectors who never play, but the fans! It works by combining public data points from sources like Steam, Reddit, Twitch, Itch.io and MetaCritic.

Engagement, as we define it, includes everything from people talking about the game, streaming it, and reviewing it - to playing it for hours on end.


Twitter Engagement Coming to GameReach

A GameReach score is really the weighted total of a number of sub-scores, one for each of the metrics used. Each of these individual scores are calculated depending on the platform and available information, and finally, the balanced total is presented to you on the site.

Twitter is the first addition of a broader social media channel to this mix of metrics. It works by searching for the game title, as well as a hashtag-version of it. All interactions with these tweets are tallied up, and used as basis for the Twitter-score. This is already working, but at the time of writing still being tested for its appropriate weight in the final score.

The final score is evolving, not only with added metrics like Twitter, but also as different sources are refined. Most recently, the way Twitch scores are calculated was completely reworked using a combination of Twitch's API and buzz from streaming related forums.

The updated GameReach scores, including the Twitter engagement score, will be part of the Live score first. You need a free user account to see Live scores (and future beta features). Request an invite key if you'd like to be among the first registered users on GameReach.


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2313 games with an average GameReach score of 13.1

Game of the Week

Might is Right

Might is Right is Game of the Week

With a GameReach of 69.09, Might is Right by Lazy Kitty climbed 53.55 points since last update, making it the fastest rising title and our Game of the Week.

Might is Right is an old-school turn-based strategy game, it has simple controls and deep complex mechanics.

A tool for game publishers, streamers, and video game marketing

Who is GameReach.io For?

  • Indie teams, who are building communities around their titles
  • Journalists, researching influential and popular video games
  • Marketers and community folks, tracking if their efforts are working
  • Streamers, YouTubers and content creators, looking for games to feature
  • Publishers, looking for indie games and teams to invest in
  • Designers, researching similar projects similar to their own

Since GameReach.io measures actual fan engagement, rather than sales and reviews, the tool is primarily aimed at industry professionals and video game content creators. The score is updated periodically, to reflect changes in how a given title is perceived, and can be used to track a title over time.

Why is it needed?

In video games, there are many variables that play into the success of a title. It is generally agreed, that building buzz and community around a new title is what makes the difference, between putting out another obscure title, and the next Big Thing.

GameReach.io is being built to quantify people's engagement, as a tool for tracking that process, and a way to measure what is popular now, and what has a long tail appeal.

GameReach.io is a Work-in-Progress

Early days

This is the very beginning! The database is 2313 games big, and the algorithm is being tweaked behind the scenes.

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If you want to know more, or would like a game entered into the database, get in touch.

Send an email to contact@GameReach.io or tweet to @GameReachIO.